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About Us
        Kathy as a teenager started making jewellery with polymer clay beads, that she would make herself. She also became interested in ceramics, pottery,  crocheting  and  lead lighting as hobbies and developed a love for coloured glass. For the past 20 years she has worked mainly as a florist. 
         In 2005 she took a beginners class in lampworking. (Lampworking is a type of glasswork where a torch or lamp is primarily   
used to melt the glass.) This has become an obsession and Kathy claims there is nothing like playing with molten glass. In 2009 ishe gained the courage to enter her beads that she had made into a necklace into the jewellery section of the the Sydney Royal Easter Show this necklace finished 2nd in its class. In 2010 the jewellery she entered won the class and i was awarded a standard of excellence medal, which  was  a huge  surprisse. kathy has consistenly placed every year since, and this year’s piece of jewellery (2014) again finished in 1st place. Since 2012 they have also had a class for a set of 5 beads, and Kathy has placed in this class every year.
         In 2010 Kathy was invited to join the Sydney Glass Beadmakers to sell her jewellery at the Rocks Market in Sydney and can be found there on the 3rd weekend of each month. (look for our market schedule on the home page) . during  2014 kathy started doing all the major bead shows, selling beads to people who make their own jewellery. In 2014 it was decided to open a shop in Harrington called  Harrington Flowers & Gifts located in the harrington Community shopping Villaga.
          Kathy makes  two ranges of jewellery. The first is where she makes the beads using a torch that burns LPG gas mixed with oxygen from an oxygen concentrator as a source of continuous oxygen. the coulored glass rods are melted and are shaped into beads and kiln fired for strength. Kathy uses glass from Murano, Italy and from the United States. The beads are then cleaned and prepared to be made into jewellery using sterling silver and other metals. The second range of jewellery is fashion jewellery made from beads, that she buys and makes into  jewellery.
Lucas Designs Jewellery can also be purchased at:
Keith Rowe Glass, Unit 7/134 Station Street (PO Box 219), Blackheath NSW 2785 (02) 47877220 or
Coonabarabran Visitor information Centre, Newell Highway, Coonabarabran NSW 2357 phone. (02) 6849  2144.
We also do markets so look at our home page for upcoming markets.
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